New starting Oct 1 2023, and we reserve the right to discontinue at any time.

Returning Customers Incentive

If you have purchased a puppy from us in the past and are back for another from us, you will receive $100 off of current puppy price.  You must be able to provide us with your name (must match our records) and the birth day, month and year and parents of your first puppy so that we can verify. 

Referrals Incentive

We love referrals, especially from those who have gotten a past puppy from us and yourselves and others have loved your pup.  

If you refer someone to us and they purchase one of our puppies, if purchaser provides us with your name and number as the referral, we will contact you to verify and Venmo you $50 as a thank you. Payment will be received approximately a week after puppy has gone home.