Our goal is to breed pups that will fit into your family and your family's lifestyle. We want you to get a friend to go on walks with, go boating, hiking, hunting, to ball games or picnics or other family outings and to just be there for you and be part of your family. You will get a puppy that will love you with their whole puppy heart for their whole life and hope you do the same for them!

We offer the Working Golden Retriever that makes the best family friend and know that this is a lifelong relationship. 

Your new puppy will go any direction you want with proper training and lots of consistent time and love. Our puppies come from AKC field bred golden retrievers. We take care to breed a pup that is well socialized and has good temperament and intelligence and trainability and of course they love to retrieve.

Our dogs love their people and goldens are known for their loyalty and obedience and as one of the best family dogs out there. We have found this to be very true and want to offer great Goldens to great Families so you can have great Experiences like we have.

The best compliment you can give us is to share your satisfaction with others, and if you have time, to send us a picure and review, like our Facebook page and share our page and website with others. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have.

Thanks, The Circle J Goldens Family

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