Available Puppies

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Our true and personal opinion; males and females are equally great dogs for families or couples or single person, one gender is truly not better than another. Males typically get a bit bigger.


PUPPY PRICE IS 1500 (150 non-refundable deposit to reserve and remaining balance due when take puppy home). Text or call (208)869-4650

Tess/Ace pups arrived September 16th 2023 (2 boys and 3 girls),they are all absolutely perfect! Just one boy and one girl available, don't miss out, these are amazing puppies, just check out some of the past pics and reviews on gallery page. Individual pics will be added soon and updated weekly. Also pics and videos on our Facebook page. One week old pics below.

Take home days will be November 3-11. . Tess is a beautiful and so sweet mellow girl with a gorgeous golden color and Ace is just about the best looking field-bred AKC dark red golden retriever male we've ever seen, they make gorgeous pups. Tess pups are mostly the medium to med-dark golden color with sometimes a few really dark like Ace. 

Male 1 ....... RESERVED 

Male 2 ....... available to reserve 

Female 1 ..... RESERVED 

Female 2 ..... RESERVED

Female 3 ..... available to reserve

 Rose/Jack litter arrived September 22, 2023 (5 boys and 5 girls), take home is November 9-19. Males and Females still available. Rose pups will most likely be dark red golden with maybe a few medium or med-dark. Rose and Jack are both beautiful darker red golden field-bred AKC with nice blockier heads, easy to maintain coats and very desirous to please personalities. I am so excited for their first pups to arrive, parents are both such perfect looking goldens, I know these pups will be some of our best yet. One week old pics below.

Male 1.....RESERVED 

Male 2.....RESERVED 

Male 3.....available to reserve 

Male 4.....available to reserve

Male 3.....available to reserve

Female 1 .....RESERVED 

Female 2 .....RESERVED 

Female 3.....RESERVED

Female 4.....available to reserve

Female 5.....available to reserve


Star next litter TBD, early 2024?



Text or call (208)869-4650 to get an early deposit down or on waiting list. You can also see more pics of past pups on our Facebook page. I will post weekly pics here and on Facebook and some videos once puppies arrive.

Getting an early deposit down holds a pup and picking order. I take 2-3 early deposits on each gender, let me know if you have a preference or not on gender or litter. Deposit is 150 and is nonrefundable.  If you have a deposit down and not enough pups arrive, you can switch gender if available or will be moved to next available litter.


Wait list, I will contact you in order of name on list when pups are born to let you know how many are still available so you can decide if you want to get a deposit down on one.

Star and Koda and Rose(will get) get more dark golden/red pups with some medium.  Tess gets mostly medium-dark golden pups with some lighter and some darker. 


We guarantee a great puppy!!