Our Adult Dogs

Ace is an absolutely gorgeous dark red AKC field-bred working golden retriever and is 75-80 pds.  He is a very loved part of our family, which is what we hope for your puppy to be as well. He gets compliments wherever he goes on how handsome he is. He makes some amazing puppies.  We got Ace from Ponderay Goldens and his dad is the famous "Rowdy" so great hunting lines and genetics is a given.  Ace is an amazing retriever and has a great fun loving, what are we going to do next, personality.  Very easily trained and happy all the time.  His puppies are very intelligent and can be trained to do whatever you like, especially your friend, but also hunting, adventure buddy, or therapy etc. You will get out what you put in and you will not be disappointed.  Genetic clear with no history of hip dysplasia.
Ace also does STUD SERVICE, contact me for details.  
Star is a beautiful AKC dark red golden retriever, she weighs about 65. She is an amazing athlete and will retrieve all day, but she also just loves to be petted and follow you wherever you go, she can't get enough of just being a part of the family. Star is a daughter of Echo (now retired), so hunting and great family, just a wonderful dog. Star usually has the darker red puppies with a few medium.  You can't go wrong with her pups or any of our pups from other mothers as well. Genetic clear and no history of hip dysplasia.
Tess is a medium-dark AKC golden retriever.  She is very mellow and loves to be brushed and go on walks and be rewarded for her cuteness, she is very happy to see anyone, she is a sweetheart.  Tess is petite like her mom Nike (now retired) and weighs about 50 pds.  All beautiful, healthy pups, smart, easy to train, great temperaments. Tess gets a variety of shades of golden in her pups mainly medium golden with a few lighter golden and a few dark golden. Her pups make wonderful family, companion, and best friends. ICT carrier, otherwise Genetic clear and no history of hip dysplasia.
And here's Koda, named after Brother Bear for her funny personality.  She is just a happy go lucky, take me with you, play with me, big puppy. She does not want to miss out on any family adventure. She weighs about 60. Another beautiful AKC dark golden retriever (she's darker than she looks in photo) and younger sister to Star, both amazing Echo pups.  Koda pups will be wonderful for anything you want.  Great temperaments, personalities, trainability, athletes, hunters, best friends.  Her pups will be medium to dark golden.  Again, all beautiful and loving puppies.  Genetic clear and no history of hip dysplasia.
We are so excited to introduce our new stud "Jack". He has an absolutely amazing pedigree with proven genetics, health, hunting, sport, great on-off switch and perfect family dog and adventure buddy.  He is a field-bred beautiful dark golden AKC golden retriever with a great blocky head and weighs about 75. He's got a bit more laid back personality and his dad is very decorated with ribbons and accomplishments. His mom is also a very beautiful field bred golden, healthy and from hunting lines. We are looking forward to his puppies and what great dogs they will be. He will also start his stud services to approved females starting June 2024, live matings only. Genetic clear and no history of hip dysplasia.
"Rose" our newest girl is an Ace/Star pup that we kept. We have loved the beautiful pups Ace/Star have made and she does not disappoint. She is a gorgeous darker color and has an easy to care for coat and her pups will have the same. She is the perfect size 60, great proportioned head and the sweetest personality. Beyond excited to see her future pups, they are going to be exceptional! Genetic clear and no history of hip dysplasia.