Here is our Health Guarantee and Hip Warranty, I will give you a signed copy and will have you sign my copy when you pick up your puppy.  We guarantee you are getting a healthy puppy.

That being said, don't over feed your puppy because growing too fast can also cause joint problems. Over-excercising at a young age can also cause issues. 

Also keep them safe until they are fully vaccinated and immune from contagious diseases, your vet will know when that is. 

I encourage you to get a vet appointment set up prior to getting your puppy, it is good to get them in at about 9 weeks old to get their second vaccination, a health check and to get on your vets reminder appointment schedule.  I also encourage you to spay/neuter your dog at your vet's recommended age.


We guarantee this pup to be in good health at the time of the sale.  If the buyer feels something is wrong, the buyer has 3 days to take the puppy to their veterinarian and if your veterinarian gives proof that there is anything serious wrong with your puppy, that occurred prior to you taking the puppy with you, then we will replace the puppy with one from the next available litter or refund your money.  After 3 days, and without proof, this guarantee is void.  Please keep your puppy safe from harm and contagious diseases until their immune system is strong and vaccinations have been completed.


 We warranty this puppy against hip dysplasia for the first two years of age.

The warranty only applies if x-rays are taken between 24-26 months of age and evaluated by the OFA.  No dog over 26 months will be covered.  We will only honor OFA readings.  If the puppy has been bred before the x-rays have been evaluated by OFA this portion of the warranty is Null and Void.  The puppy buyer must send us documents from OFA stating that the dog is dysplasia.  The dysplasia dog must be spayed or neutered and documents from the vet sent to us. At that time, we the breeder, will refund the original purchase price only.

The seller does not pay any veterinarian fees such as OFA, CERF, spay or neuter, shipping or any other associated fees of any kind.

In an effort to be a responsible breeder, we request that you contact us with any other health issues that your vet feels are hereditary.

The contract is only valid with the original purchaser of the puppy and is not transferable. 

 I/We the purchaser and seller have read the conditions of this contract and agree to abide by them.

 Buyer’s signature, date, address and phone number:



Sellers signature, date: